Ethical concerns in AI are all the rage today. As they should be. And I’m hopeful the intelligent, well-spoken individuals tackling this challenge will reorient us in the proper direction.

But for my capstone project at Flatiron School, I wanted to highlight the opportunity to reduce bias — to humanize humans. We’re at a moment where our dialogue is broken; we’ve lost the art of civil discourse on sensitive topics. Taking inspiration from thought leaders like Emmanuel Acho, Brené Brown, and Aiko Bethea, I set out to create a prototype for these uncomfortable conversations at scale. Enter

Beginning the…

Misinformation and disinformation is an increasing consideration in the public sphere. For the past 5 years, we’ve seen governments, news agencies, and social media companies grapple with misleading news and social posts. As we enter 2021, it seems more important than ever to find a consensus on what is true and factual.

Social media is ingrained in society— billions of people turn to their Facebook groups, Twitter “subject-matter” experts, and other digital social outlets for information that shapes their view on the world. …

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or want to see the code!

I also love book recommendations :)

Ode to Ethical AI: Be More Awesome

I’m new to the field of data science, but I’ve done my best to immerse myself in relevant material from podcasts to whitepapers. As I built my first prediction algorithm (I know… super impressive), I began thinking about the implications of such ability. What if the data I put in was bad? What if I unconsciously include parameters that are biased? It wasn’t as much of a problem since I knew the data I was feeding it, the weights of the variables, and could see exactly how the prediction was made.

But what…

My emotions ran the gamut through the first phase of my data science foray. I found myself excited at the prospect, curious for future discoveries, overwhelmed, and determined. It’s necessary to feel all of the feelings (and yes, the absence of feelings is arguably a feeling). But one lesson sticks out through this emotional rollercoaster (that gives me flashbacks to middle school): the whole is greater than the sum of their parts. While I think this is a vital lesson in life in general, I find it relevant to data science. …

Stephen Enke

Data Science // Flatiron School // Co-Founder of Anti Club

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